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Mistressbate: A New Musical (A Reading!)

Sat Sep 7 @ 9:30PM

When St. Chastity High's most popular girl, Blaise Paige, gets suspended for releasing a video of herself masturbating with a selfie-stick, the entire school implodes. Without the social hierarchy gatekeeper herself, who's still your friend? Who's now your enemy? Amidst this tumult, three girls step forward and claim it is actually them (their bodies, their hands, their selfie sticks) in the video, and that Blaise should be exonerated. An investigation is kicked off by a group of incompetent adults. This random crop of new suspects includes Kiki, the Pokemon-loving, least popular girl in school; Paige Blaise, the Swedish over-achieving foreign exchange student; and Angela, Blaise's best friend. Who's telling the truth? And why do these three have reason to lie? It's Dear Evan Hansen meets Mean Girls. It's a musical, but for kids who were popular in high school. An exploration of young sexual frustration, intimate female friendships, and the merits of bullying, Mistressbate will have you wondering who to sympathize with. Also, the songs are super catchy. Come see a reading of this new original musical by Sophie Zucker (Comedy Central)!

Featuring: Sophie Zucker, Ian Lockwood, Maya Sharma, Justin Linville, Kyle Gordon, Lucyana Randall, Andrés Govea, Charlie Bardey, and the Ladies Who Ranch (Kelly Cooper, Caitlin Dullea, Caroline Yost)

Book, Music & Lyrics by Sophie Zucker

Directed by Allison Gold

Music Direction by Alex Ratner

Tickets $10

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Silly Karaoke Showdown!

Wed Aug 14 @ 9:30PM

Silly Karaoke Showdown! is a competitive parody-song game show. Think American Idol, if all the songs were written by a Weird Al super fan.

There will be celebrity (impersonator) judges. There will be sing-along karaoke tracks. There will be funny characters. Oh, and did I mention ALL audience members receive their very own complimentary kazoo?

SKS! previously ran at Nerdist’s NerdMelt Showroom (Los Angeles), where it was a Critic’s Pick in LA Weekly and listed frequently in Pop Radar’s 20 Awesome Things to Do In Los Angeles.

Tickets $10

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BE BEST: A Disastrous Political Character Spectacular!

Thursday, December 27 @ 7:30 PM

BE BEST in the final days of 2018 with Melania Trump and her disastrous political pals as they share holiday memories and sing your favorite jingles!

Join these incredible character performers and musical comedians as they enter the minds and bodies of our favorite politically disastrous characters of 2018. 

First Lady Melania Trump (Ali Levin) hosts an evening of holiday stories and songs. 

Jonathan Yoni Lotan as CHUCK SCHUMER
Mike Greene as SUSAN COLLINS
Jay Malsky as NANCY PELOSI
Melissa Aquiles and Jack Frederick
Graham Techler
Pat Wise

Michael Varamogiannis Hernandez


Tickets: $7

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Staggars & Jags: Medusa's 3,000th Birthday Bash!

Friday, November 2 @ 11:00 PM

Medusa is turning the big 3-0-0-0 and she’s invited all her old friends to the bar to celebrate. As Captain Black frantically tries to cobble together a last-minute birthday gift, Staggars and Jags scramble to tidy up the place before the guests start arriving—but no amount of spitshine will prepare them for the mythical menagerie about to walk through the door.

Tickets: $7

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Sweet Release! Delightful Musical Comedy

Wednesday, August 8 @ 10:00 PM

Uplifting, damn funny musical comedy that burns away the bad and paints the world in beauty. Pleasing to your ears and painful for your gut, this musical comedy showcase shines the spotlight on NYC’s top musical comedians. It’s your midweek Sweet Release!

Featured acts:
Tim Platt (Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sesame Street)
Ali Reed & Kiki Mikkelsen (Blank the Musical!)
Srilatha Rajamani (Opened for Judah Friedlander & Myq Kaplan)
Mac Gostow (ImprovBoston, Catalyst Comedy)

Tickets: $10

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Staggers & Jags: Health Inspection Day!

Friday, Aug 3 @ 11:00 PM

This one-of-a-kind live musical comedy lights up the BCC stage with salty sea captains, mythical creatures, music, and tons of singing!

On the day the mean old health inspector is due to arrive at The Big Drink, a young boy wanders in to the bar and wreaks havoc for the bar owners, Staggars & Jags. What everyone soon learns is that the health inspector only has three rules: NO RATS, NO BATS, NO BUCKETS OF SHIT...AND NO KIDS!

Set in an 18th century Caribbean bar, Staggars & Jags is a show that encourages the audience to sing along and get wrapped up in the flamboyant world of head scarves and "whiskey on the barnacles."

Tickets: $5

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