The BCC is the most liberating improv philosophy. It fosters creativity but also care for fellow improvisers. I remember why I fell in love with improv at The BCC.
— Student, Level 2 Improv
“Rachel brought us all out of our heads and into the present while teaching us the fundamentals of improv. Every class was fun, engaging, and challenging. I could not recommend this class more highly for those interested in improv!”
— Student, Level 1 Improv
“Jared made me feel comfortable to take risks in a way that was so natural and made it feel so easy. He was also so good at seeing what individuals were working on and giving us specific notes (especially at our last class but really all through the 6 weeks!). not only could he pick up what we needed it work on, but he also recognized everyone’s strengths and encouraged us to use them.”
— Student, Level 2 Improv
“Phillip is an amazing teacher. He’s certain of himself and the material and was able to convey that certainty in his craft so well to the class. I was worried about taking this class, how I would respond to the challenges, but his knowledge and honesty (not sugar coating critiques) were crucial in helping me grow as a performer.”
— Student, Level 3 Improv
“As someone who has tried other stand-up classes in New York City, BCC’s Stand-up class is the best stand-up Class New York has to offer! In a world where a lot of stand-up comedians have shown up as problematic, this is a very progressive space where you learn to still be funny while also not being oppressive.”
— Student, Stand-Up Level 1
I found it so refreshing to hear someone not just talk about diversity and inclusion and supporting artists but putting it into practice and engaging with artists who want to practice it, too. Thank you especially for broadening my perspective; but I want to bring people together and tell new and different stories. You showed me another way I can do that and I’m fired up about it.
— Josh Cohen - Student of PRODUCING A SHOW WORKSHOP
“I’m in the middle of the BCC’s 4 day intensive. I’m getting to improvise with a New Yorker I knew, New Yorkers I didn’t know and improvisers from Sweden, Australia, Berlin, London and Portugal. It is so absurdly fun and I love those times when you get to fall in love with improv all over again.”
— Rachel, Summer Intensive student
The BCC stand-up class with Milly was truly excellent. It was well-structured and Milly is a non-judge mental, nurturing yet just-the-right-amount- of strict teacher and after much hard work, the payoff was huge - performing our stand up at the Brick Theater.
— Student, Level 1 Stand-Up
Devin was extremely supportive, great at keeping our energy up, made every class a pleasure, and no one wanted it to be over so soon!
— Student, Level 1 Improv
“The BCC stand-up class with Milly was truly excellent. It was well-structured and Milly is a non-judge mental, nurturing yet just-the-right-amount- of strict teacher and after much hard work, the payoff was huge.
— Student, Level 1 Stand-Up
The only improv class I’ve ever taken that actually treats you as a unique, individual performer.
— Student, Level 1 Improv
Annie and BCC have helped me free myself from my own brain, letting me discover and experiment without prejudgement. It’s the most supportive and safe space that I’ve had the honor to play in.
— Student, Level 2 Improv
I made a HUGE breakthrough just sitting their listening because I was feeling excited about my show. You took a three hour instructional workshop and made it joyful AF.
— Rachel Steele, Student at PRODUCING A SHOW WORKSHOP
I took Rachel Rosenthal’s Level 2 class here and it was amazing! One of the most informative and liberating improv experiences you can ask for.
— Student, Level 2 Improv
Milly really has a wealth of knowledge. My favorite thing was how she treated the feedback part of class (after each student’s set) like a writer’s room in that she would give ideas on how to improve a joke, or perhaps a different way of wording it, or a different place to take it - thus giving the students the nudge to start working their OWN comedy muscle’s in similar ways. Milly is able to give the best constructive criticism - she never made anybody feel like their work or their questions were stupid/bad- she’d just give tips on how to improve, or answer the question in a way that didn’t make the asker feel silly.
— Student, Stand-Up Level 2