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Murder On The Murder Train: A Mystery With Murder

  • The Brick 579 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn United States (map)

Sat, Apr 13 @ 11pm

Murder is typically cut and dry. Someone gets killed. The law hands a pretty harsh punishment on whoever murdered Victim Whatever Victim Number It Was. Could be life in prison. Could be more. Could be less if the lawyer is famous or pretty good at their job. It's always good to be good at your job, even if you're trying to let murderers off with less time.

But, sometimes a murderer is on the loose or put even the slightest amount of forethought into their murder and there is a mystery - if you will, a murder mystery - as to who the killer is, why they did it, what weapon, blah blah blah, you understand. Then, society picks the most important people to be on the case of solving the murder: Fanciful Community Theater Companies.

Somehow, Fanciful Community Theater Companies have become the pinnacle, the best, the most know what, using pinnacle up top was the best word for helping solving mysteries of the murder kind. They will answer the question, "Who did the murder?...Was there even a murder at all?" First stop, ask the dead guy.

This will be like Clue on steroids.

Written Alphabetically by Chase Montavon, Larry Sass-Ainsworth and Jason Weitzman

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