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The Moon Crew: Intergalactic Hoosegow (That Means Jail!)

Friday, March 30 @ 9:30 PM

Charged with regicide and destruction of property (ripping a hole in space-time is a crime, duhhhh), The Moon Crew await trial in prison. As they watch their freedom crumble in the webbed hands of their bumbling reptile lawyer Al Litigator, they must deftly navigate the social circles within the intergalactic prison system and avoid the conniving actions of its hardened criminal matriarch Visa Versace. With bad luck following them around every corner, The Moon Crew have a hunch there might be a greater and more sinister force undermining their every move.

The Cast: Julia Letzel, Sander Randall, Riley Cecil Taggart, Phoebe Stonebraker, Adam Bangser, Amy Wright, and Joey Dundale

Directed By: Danny Groh

Tickets $10

Moon Crew Episode 3 Poster.png