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Medieval Now

  • Brooklyn Comedy Collective 579 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

Sat, May 11 @ 11PM

Medieval Now

Listen Up Ye! Listen Up Ye!

On this day, Saturday May 11th, in the 2019th Year Of Our Lord (Common Era), He (He is God) has declared through a talking squirrel that there shall be a feast and a game demonstrating the most basic things of the era, where people dress up like how they dress up as they normally do, and mill about as they normally do in these times, with a dash of sports, theater and wittiment, and all of the losers are sacrificed to Him (Him is God). Look guys, He said it so we have to do it!

For at this Medieval Now, we will have some of the most common things associated with the era: fun games, over 1/3rd of the people who arrive at the show survive, the King and Queen milling around with commoners, enough food and drink for everyone, and of course, the most common currency of the Medieval Era: Fun! 

Gutenberg's Note: Fun with a capital S! S's and F's were the same at the time.

See the latest show from the heretic Judeans Chase of Montavon, Larry of Sass and Also Of Ainsworth, and Jason of Weitzman before the Lord smites them of kicks them out to they only place they are wanted, Eastern Europe and, after that goes badly, New York City.

Those of the House of Kensington get a free soda!

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