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Well… That Could’ve Fucked Me Up

  • Brooklyn Comedy Collective 579 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

Wed Sep 18 @ 9:30PM

Well… That Could’ve Fucked Me Up

Late at night, do you ever find yourself combing through your most traumatic/embarrassing moments? That time your son accidentally fell off the Hoover Dam. Or the time you walked in on Bradley Cooper and Eugene Levy just absolutely having at it.

Yeah. Same.

Ever realize that one of those sweet little moments just might be the reason you’re fucked up? Why you shatter mirrors in Starbucks restrooms? Why you roam the streets of Paramus at night in your Honda CR-V, hoping to hit…something? Anything?

Yeppp. Same. “Well...That Could’ve Fucked Me Up” is a show where comics discuss those special moments that make them say, “well...that could’ve fucked me up.”

Featuring Jess Zeidman, Randall Otis, Alysia Brown, Cristian Uriostegui

Hosted by Jesse Arnholz, Chase Montavon, and Dash Turner

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