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Enter the Pepperoni Zone

Saturday, April 28 @ 11 PM

Experience a one-of-a-kind night of multimedia sketch comedy as the members of The Pepperoni Zone take you on a guided tour of the alternative dimension they live in utilizing video, live comedy sketches & arguably performance art. Where does a blink go? Why is the sky? Ass backwards? Or perhaps... bass ackwards? Are these all just coincidences? Atoms falling randomly to create the landscape of our consciousness? Or... is there something more? A 6th dimension? A place behind the mirror and up your ass? Well, on April 28th at 11PM, we shall find out as one! For the much rumored Pepperoni Zone will be opening FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! Do not miss the ultimate experience that will change the human condition for time immortal!

Director: Brian Levy

The Cast: Emma Phipps, Gabriel Smith, Hannah Boone, Brian Levy, Rome Davis

Tickets $5