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Dark Sneak Love Action (and the dark sneak love actions)

Friday, April 13 @ 11 PM

Dark Sneak Love Action is moving both the action and also—get this—the love to the Brooklyn Comedy Collective and they are—catch this—bringing their friends with them. Dark Sneak performs the Cat's Cradle, a freewheeling improv form that has lead to a lot of 'climbing on shit' in the past. Bringing other Cradle teams and some of the city's best character performers together for a Cradle-centric night, Dark Sneak Love Action (and the dark sneak love actions) is not only _a_ place to be. It's—you're gonna love this—_the_ place to be.

Hosted by: Dark Sneak Love Action: Eric Feurer, Graham Techler, Anne Veal, Maddie Fischer, Michael Romanos, Patrick Williams, Matt Candio

Featuring: Us, Tonya: Andrei Alupului, Carolyn Cox, Jeffery Emerson, Matt Candio, Jon Foox, Nicole Katherine Alexander,  and Sue Constantine. Along with characters from Jessy Morner Ritt, Eric Feurer, Sarah Smallwood Parsons, and Caroline Yost

Tickets $5

Earlier Event: April 13
Later Event: April 14
BCC Class Shows: Level 2