Some of the most talented—and most demented—members of NYC’s comedy elite unleash all hell at the always-lit BCC.
— Time Out New York

Want to perform at the BCC?

You may submit your show ideas at any time and we will consider them as we have needs for new shows. We will get back to you if we are interested in finding a time for your submission.  Please know it may take up to one month after you’ve submitted before you will hear of our decision as we are usually schedule one month in advance. Below are some guidelines for your submission:

  • We choose ideas that we feel will be a good match for our audience and style of shows we normally produce. It is particularly helpful if the cast has had experience in improvisation, and if there is a Director attached who has had some experience directing original material and understands the unique voice of the BCC. Submissions are decided upon by our Programming Manager, Artistic Director, and our production staff.

  • We get a lot of variety show submissions. A lot. Please know slots for these types of shows are limited. 

  • We are mostly looking for original ideas for plays, sketch, and improv. We generally do not produce shows that were produced already elsewhere.

All shows take place at The Brick (579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)