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After a successful year-and-a-half run of shows at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, The Brooklyn Comedy Collective (BCC) is moving its programming to a new home at Cantina Royal starting Nov 1, 2019, with an expanded line-up of shows running Tues-Sunday nights.

Since its debut in March, 2018 at the Brick Theater, the BCC produced over 600 shows featuring fearless and irreverent comedy from both up-and-coming and top comedic talent. On a typical night at the BCC, patrons can experience fresh material from the likes of Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show), Larry Owens (A Strange Loop), Bowen Yang (SNL), Gary Richardson (SNL), Aparna Nancherla (Netflix’s The Standups), and many more. Patrons have come to expect boundary-pushing comedy, such as entering to find the entire space transformed into a comedy escape-room or following Connor O'Malley (Joe Pera Talks With You) as he leads the audience outside the theater, only to depart and livestream the rest of the show in a stretch limousine. While alternative comedy has always existed in underground basements and bars across Brooklyn, the BCC gives comics the platform of a loyal audience base and the added benefit of compensation for performers. In a comedy scene where improvisers and performers are rarely paid for their live work, The BCC pays its performers a significant portion of the box office, distinguishing it as a playground where experimentation and ingenuity is valued.

The BCC will be taking over Cantina Royal’s 1500 sq ft back-room space and building a theatrical stage and upgraded lighting and sound plot. Whereas the BCC was limited to programming late-night options at The Brick Theater around their existing show schedule, the BCC will be able to offer many additional primetime as well as late-night slots on Tues-Sunday nights at Cantina Royal. Cantina Royal serves up Executive Chef Julio MM’s unique vision of Mexican Cuisine, inspired by traditional Cantinas in Mexico City, in an eclectic industrial yet cozy restaurant and bar which will be fully accessible to patrons at the BCC before, during, and after BCC shows. 

The BCC has also become a thriving training center for aspiring comedians, with over 1,000 enrollments in workshops and classes since its inception. In addition to teaching improvisational comedy, the BCC developed a stand-up comedy curriculum, as well as electives in Drag Comedy, Creating Solo Shows, Writing for Late Night, Creating Sketch Comedy Thru Improv, Creating Comedy Songs, and more. The BCC’s next session of classes run late Oct-early Dec and came be viewed online, along with instructor bios, at: Testimonials from students can be read at

The BCC’s final line-up of shows at the Brick Theater can be viewed at:

For press inquiries, reach out to Artistic Director Philip Markle by email at or by phone at 917-593-3843.

For more info on the BCC, visit Tickets for comedy shows run $5-10 and six-week core classes cost $275-$310.

Cantina Royal is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 58 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (off the Bedford Ave L stop). For more info, visit:

Hot Teens - June 1 - 9:30PM




Brooklyn-based Bowen Yang, a regular on our stage, joins SNL’s writing team!

Three Busy Debras Featured in NY mag - A Fashion Improvisation With Three Busy Debras

Regular BCC performers, Three Busy Debras, merge their signature comedy with fashion in this NY mag article.


The TCGS Exit Interview: A Chat Between Chris Gethard and Brett Davis

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Chris Gethard, a friend of the BCC and occasional featured act, opens up about the ending of his decade-long, The Chris Gethard Show. He discusses his journey and cites many regular BCC performers. A great read!





"Ladies who ranch" featured in time out NYC


Ladies Who Ranch, a Brooklyn Comedy Collective staple, was featured in a Time Out article titled "The best comedy shows by women in NYC".





"It's a wonderful Everything" featured in Bedford & Bowery

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 7.11.53 AM.png

1950's satirical sketch revue is chosen for a show roundup! Indulge in some brief escapism here.








"TV Dinner" Recommended by The New York Times 


The Brooklyn Comedy Collective was delighted to see the New York Times list TV Dinner as a comedy show to catch!









BCC Featured in Paste Magazine Article 

brooklyn comedy collective in paste magazine


The Brooklyn Comedy Collective has a unique mission to compensate its performers. This Paste Magazine article lists the BCC with five other theaters that lead with a philosophy to pay performers.




TV Dinner's Ana fabrega and Julio Torres star in Spanish-language HBO series


HBO has greenlit a Spanish language comedy titled “Los Espookys” and it comes from Saturday Night Live’s own Fred Armisen, and Lorne Michaels. The show will star regular BCC performers Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres.






Frequent BCC performers book pilot

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Amazing news from frequent BCC performers Mitra Jouhari, Alyssa Stonoha, and Sandy Honig booking this pilot!


Frequent performer Carmen christopher on the chris gethard show

Check out this feature on Carmen Christopher on The Chris Gethard Show. You can see Carmen onstage most Thursday nights at the BCC in TV DINNER.




Sister Theaters/Schools WITH THE CCB

We are thrilled to announce that we are becoming sister schools/theaters with our friends over at Comedy Cafe Berlin (CCB). After teaching and performing abroad with the CCB many times, Philip Markle and Annie Donley and CCB's Artistic Director Noah Telson decided make the partnership official. Our mission is to exchange ideas, showcase talent, and provide opportunities for members within our communities to travel and experience not only improv and comedy, but life in our respective cities/countries. Both BCC and CCB share a drive to create an open, safe and welcoming environment for improv; one that champions the exchange of ideas and breaks down borders and boundaries of countries and dogmas. To that end we are offering:

Workshops: Each theater will offer intensives/workshops taught by top instructors from their sister theater periodically throughout the year. These workshops will feature the unique approach of their theater’s ethos to comedy and improv.

Showcases: Each theater will host select shows from their sister theater periodically throughout the year. These teams will showcase their theater's style of play while also immersing themselves in the culture and lifestyle of the other city.

Upcoming Timeline:

  • May 12-13, 2018: BCC Artistic Director Philip Markle teaching a musical improv intensive workshop in Berlin.

  • June 23-24, 2018: CCB Artistic Director Noah Telson and CCB house team members to perform and teach workshops at BCC in New York.

  • June 25-28, 2018: BCC offering a summer intensive for CCB members and the public culminating in a show on June 28th at BCC.

Article in Comedy Cake

"The BCC’s performers seem to be doing quite well for themselves. Even a cursory scan of the BCC calendar reveals a bevy of top comedic talent: Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show), John Reynolds (Stranger Things, Search Party), Gary Richardson (SNL), all jump to mind, along with many, many others. The hilarious show I was able to view, TV DINNER (fans may remember its predecessor The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour) displayed a unique sketch style akin to the hybrid improv/sketch approach popularized by Curb Your Enthusiasm..."

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Article in Brooklyn Vegan

One of the brightest new additions to the New York comedy scene has been the Brooklyn Comedy Collective, which currently hosts shows at The Brick Theatre in Williamsburg.