"Some of the most talented—and most demented—members of NYC’s comedy elite unleash all hell at the always-lit BCC." - Time Out New York

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The BCC offers improvisation classes and performances for your place of business, community, school, or theater. Our faculty have taught organizations of all sizes and are adept at creating a fun, low-pressure, low-stakes environment, while offering concrete, real-world takeaways.

We can pair any workshop BELOW with improvised or scripted shows performed by our talent at the BCC. 

Workshops for Businesses


Collaborative Creation: We improvise every day just interacting with one another and navigating our complex world. This workshop will teach the skills of successful improvisation -- fearlessly taking risks, withholding judgment, and engaging enthusiastically with every idea -- and apply them to your work environment. You will take away actionable tools for expressing yourself more confidently and creating more effectively as a team -- and have fun doing so in a safe, fast-paced, low-pressure environment. This workshop can be taught in hands-on sessions with smaller groups or in large interactive group presentations.

Duration: This workshop can be taught in as short as 90 minutes to as long as a multi-day intensive. 

Amount of Participants: Customizable from one-on-one sessions to large groups of up to 25 participants.

Space Requirements: We can provide space or work in your business - all we need are are chairs for participants and an open floor space with enough room to accommodate everyone participating in exercises and games.

Previous Clients Our Teachers Have Taught: Ernst & Young, Columbia University Office of Alumni and Development, Columbia School of Business, Morgan Stanley, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, American Express Global Marketing Operations, School of Visual Arts (SVA), Yext, Zazoom Media, Ready Set Rocket, IVY: The Social University, The Fashion Institute of Technology, Creative Outlet Series @ Riker’s Island Correctional, Footlocker (Six02), Aria Development Group, East Harlem Scholars Academy, Nautilus, Aircall, and more.

Workshops for Theaters

Free Your Mind: We start with our core belief that loving the hell out of whatever is happening onstage is the key to strong, successful scenes. You will learn that there is no right or wrong way to improvise - and that you become powerful as a performer by embracing your mistakes and failing gloriously. This class pairs this sense of artistic freedom with a focus on creating from a strong point of view, to be specific and surprising in your choices, and to confidently navigate the vocabulary and concepts that make-up long-form scenic improv. Then, we focus on the performer as part of the scene by diving into the dynamics that make up surprising and believable two-person, three-person, and group scene work. Lastly, we focus on the performer as part of the ensemble: so you can take care of yourself onstage--great! Now, how can you be a team player who listens and supports every move to build long-form pieces organically. The class culminates in specific, personal notes to challenge your own artistic roadblocks and a final performance for the public. 

Duration: This workshop can be taught in as short as two hours to as long as a multi-day intensive. 

Participants: Recommended for up to 16 students per instructor.

Space Requirements: We can provide space or work at your theater - all we need are are chairs for participants and an open floor space with enough room to accommodate everyone participating in exercises and games.

Previous Theater Our Instructors Have Taught At: Annoyance Theatre NY, Second City Theatricals (NCL Epic), C3 Improv (London), Bristol Improv Theater (UK), Improv Theater Israel (Tel Aviv), Ubud Comedy Games (Bali), International Theatre Stockholm,Presens Impro (Stockholm), Gbgimpro (Gothemburg), Improv Iceland (Iceland), AMS Improtheater Bremen (Germany), Bake This (Munich), Hive Improv (Berlin), Comedy Cafe (Berlin), Improv Italia (Rome), Steel City Improv (Pittsburgh), NYU, Bard College (NY), National College Comedy Festival (Sarasota Springs), Syracuse Improv Collective, Syracuse University, Mettlesome (North Carolina), BATS (San Francisco), Endgames Improv (San Francisco), PHIT Comedy Theatre (Philly), Good Good Comedy Theatre (Philly), Improv Boston, Boston University, Laugh Index Theatre (D.C.), Barnard College (NYC), Revelry Theater (Vermont), Voodoo Comedy Collective (Pittsburgh), Oberlin College Improv Conference, Grinnell College (Iowa), Comedysportz Seattle, Ball State University (Indiana), Washington University (St. Louis), Happier Valley Comedy, and more.


“My team loved the improv workshop, and you did a great job of incorporating exercises that were spot-on for their responsibilities! The workshop provided a perfect balance of self-reflection and entertainment, and not only did the participants gain useful skills, but it was a great ice-breaker for newer people on the team as well.”
— Sophie A., Team Manager, Ivy
We hired Philip Markle [from the BCC] for a bespoke corporate team building event with a group from one of the “Big 4” Consulting Firms who had no experience whatsoever with improv. Philip worked hard to make everyone feel comfortable and before they knew it, the team was enjoying themselves. As a result of the event, the team members got to know each other in new ways and communication became easier. Philip is a dynamic workshop leader who knows how to make any group feel comfortable, communicate better, and most importantly, have fun while doing it.
— Lauren Adler, Global Account Manager, Ernst & Young.
The improv workshops were a lot of fun for the participants at Rikers Island. They felt they learned the basics of improv and how to let go and not be fearful of mistakes. There were a lot of laughs while the groups learned teamwork and the building blocks of improvisation. Thank you to the BCC for bringing this fun workshop!
— Nili Ness, Creative Outlet at Riker's Island
“This improv workshop offered our team great advice on improving self-awareness, teamwork and brainstorming activities. I would recommend it to any business owner as a fun team-building exercise!”
— Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder, Ready Set Rocket.
“It’s amazing how the various activities helped us become more effective by being relaxed, fun, creative, attentive and encouraging. One of the major take-away is how we respond with a ‘Yes, and’ instead of ‘No, but’ can make a lot of difference.”
— Ritika S., Ready Set Rocket.
I was part of your class at CUNY for the Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellows. It’s astonishing how much this short session actually helped. I felt more confident when presenting last week and took a lot of your advice with me on stage. So thank you so much for that.
— Dorien L., CUNY Student
Our school, East Harlem Scholars Academy Middle School participated in a workshop with Philip and it was such a great time for our whole team. We were able to develop team building skills and learn how to work on communication skills among peers. Philip was very interactive with our staff of 40 people and was able to lead our entire group successfully during our workshop. We highly recommend their services and look forward to work with them again.
— Abraham S, Principal, East Harlem Scholars Academy
Philip designed a program that was fun and that addressed a specific team-building need at our organization. The session helped break down reservations, get to know new colleagues, and push past comfort zones. Each presenter had their own twist— my school had three sessions— but all staff members reported having a great time and feeling more at ease with each other. Thanks in no small part to Philip’s BCC team, I’ve noticed staff applying “yes, and...” techniques in different settings and approaching confrontation with greater comfort.
— Nick W, Principal, East Harlem Scholars Academy II

Working with Philip and the other instructors from the Brooklyn Comedy Collective was one of the best decisions we made in designing our training for orientation leaders. We’ve used other comedy schools in the past to provide our students with this type of experience but the energy level, ability to connect and engage with our students and expertise from the Brooklyn Comedy Collective was unmatched. It was immediately apparent that they found a way to boost our orientation team’s confidence and helped them to unlock our student staff’s natural abilities and talents. The orientation leaders are still talking about the games and methods that Philip and the instructors taught them days later. In only 90 minutes, the BCC transformed my staff.
— Catlin Wojtkowski - Acting Director, Department of Student Life at FIT
“Philip led a fantastic improv session for us. It was engaging, dynamic, and kept the session brisk and relevant to our work — no small feat at the tail end of a half-day meeting in a room of nearly 400 people! I’d highly recommend Philip to anyone looking to bring fun and energy into a professional event.”
— Elizabeth Braden, Senior Deputy Vice President for Operations, Office of Alumni and Development, Columbia University.
We did an amazing improv 101 workshop with Philip from the BCC. He did a fantastic job of getting everybody out of their comfort-zone and into some hilarious free-flowing improv. Philip has a talent for relating the fun of improv to everyday skills of open-mindedness, confidence and being creative. Would definitely do something like this again with him, highly recommended!
— Ishwari - Hired BCC for Private Birthday Party
The improv workshop Annie ran at our company party was both fun and professional. No wonder. I asked for a few last minute changes in the program content and Annie easily worked it in. She’s a genuine improv master on all levels.
— Jeff Graber, The Mac Support Store
“I found the improv workshop to be an incredible experience, and the skills you presented were very much applicable to the consulting world.”
— Tim Stansel, Executive Director, Human Capital, Ernst & Young.
We hired Philip [from the BCC] to teach at International Theater Stockholm and we absolutely loved both of them! Philip is an inspiring, encouraging teacher committed to his students’ growth. He has a deep knowledge about improv and musical improv and was able to transfer a lot of his knowledge and points of view in a structured and pedagogic way. He is great at giving constructive feedback while encouraging students to question concepts and think independently. His genuinely warm and friendly teaching style made everyone feel safe and encouraged to really challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone. If you are thinking of hiring Philip Markle or taking one of his workshops, do it! You won’t be disappointed!
— Katarina Wahlberg, Co-Founder and General Manager, International Theater Stockholm
“I had so much fun! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how some of they key concepts behind successful improv directly translate to the business world.
— Lynn Mione, Partner Operations Lead, Yext.
Philip led a fabulous workshop for our team. He guided us through several exercises focused on linking improv techniques to our everyday work environment. He is a high energy facilitator who created a fun platform for the ultimate learning experience. A must for your team to understand stronger ways to communicate!
— David Arditi, Founder & Principal, Aria Development Group


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