"Some of the most talented—and most demented—members of NYC’s comedy elite unleash all hell at the always-lit BCC." - Time Out New York

Core Classes

Level 1: Free Your Mind w/ Jared Jeffries (July/Aug 2018)

Whether you are new to improv or have taken a couple classes, this class underlines the core philosophy of what we believe: that loving the hell out of whatever is happening onstage is the key to strong, successful scenes. You will learn that there is no right or wrong way to improvise - and that you become powerful as a performer by embracing your mistakes and failing gloriously. This class pairs this sense of artistic freedom with an approach to create from a strong point of view, to be specific and surprising in your choices, and to confidently navigate the vocabulary and concepts that make-up long-form improv.

6-Week Section: Sundays, 2:00-5:00 PM, July 22 - Aug 26

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY)

Class Show: Thurs, Aug 30 @ 9:30 PM @ The Brick (579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)

Teacher: Jared Jeffries

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Level 2: Ensemble & Empowerment w/ Rachel Rosenthal (July-Aug 2018)

This class teaches you how to command the stage as a fearless artist while also being a team-player in any ensemble who can play with anyone. First, we challenge each student with exercises designed to wake up your individual creativity and ability to attack the stage confidently. We pair this self-empowerment with specific, personal notes to challenge your own artistic roadblocks and help you shape what you and only you can do onstage. Then, we focus on the performer as part of the scene by diving into the dynamics that make up surprising and believable two-person, three-person, and group scene work. Lastly, we focus on the performer as part of the ensemble: so you can take care of yourself onstage--great! Now, how can you be a team player who listens and supports every move to build long-form pieces organically. To that end, we study three specific improv forms (notably The Monoscene, The Dream and Montages) that challenge different skill sets. This class culminates in a performance of all three improv forms for the public. 

Prerequisite: Experienced improvisers may start at this level. One-year prior improv experience or completion of core training at a major improv school required. 

6-Week Class: Tuesdays, 7:00-10:00 PM, July 24 - Aug 28

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY)

Class show: Thurs, Aug 30 @ 9:30 PM @ The Brick (579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)

Teacher: Rachel Rosenthal

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Next Level 3 Class To Be Offered in September.


Stand-Up: Finding Your Voice

Have you always wanted to perform stand-up but don't know where to begin? In this class, we will breakdown how to get started writing a stand-up routine and find your voice as a comedian. Our methods will include how to mine personal stories for material, how to write one-liners and premises, and how to use improvisation to generate ideas instead of staring down a blank page. Classes will also give students the lay-of-the-land on the NY comedy scene - from welcoming weekly open mics to the best shows to see pros in action.

Every class will include stage time to try out original material in front of classmates, and students are encouraged to attend the weekly free open mic starting right after class at Vital Joint (same location) to try out material for the public.

4-Week Class: Wednesdays, 6:00-9:00 PM, Aug 8 - 29th

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn)

Class Show: Wed, Aug 29 @ 9:30 PM at The Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)

Class limited to 12 students.

Teacher: Milly Tamarez

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