Stand-Up Level 2: Solidifying Your Set w/ Milly Tamarez (June/July)

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Stand-Up Level 2: Solidifying Your Set w/ Milly Tamarez (June/July)


Class Sold Out. Email for wait list.

Class limited to 8 students.

Building on the Level 1  "Finding Your Voice" course, Level 2 Stand-up is all about solidifying your choices. This course will be an intensive focused on longer sets and performances involve props, multimedia and other styles to solidify your comedic voice. The class size will be much smaller in order to workshop material as a group, in pairs on top of personalized feedback every week. If you want to take your sets to a deeper level and have the beginnings of a stand alone show, take this class. Class will culminate in a performance of each student’s 10-minute sets.

6-Week Class: Mondays, 7:00-10:00 PM, June 3 - July 15 (no class July 8)

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn)

Class Show: Friday, July 19 @ 9:00 PM

Teacher: Milly Tamarez


“Regardless of background, everyone in the class ended up shining, and we all owe that to Milly and the way BCC teaches this subject. Milly truly invested in each individual and guided us towards confidently delivering jokes we wrote on our own while still giving us the knowledge, tools, and resources to keep going on after the class. Also Milly is a rising star so DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to learn from her!"

"The BCC stand-up class with Milly was truly excellent. It was well-structured and Milly is a non-judge mental, nurturing yet just-the-right-amount- of strict teacher and after much hard work, the payoff was huge.”

"Master of subject! Milly really has a wealth of knowledge. My favorite thing was how she treated the feedback part of class (after each student's set) like a writer's room in that she would give ideas on how to improve a joke, or perhaps a different way of wording it, or a different place to take it - thus giving the students the nudge to start working their OWN comedy muscle's in similar ways. Milly is able to give the best constructive criticism - she never made anybody feel like their work or their questions were stupid/bad- she'd just give tips on how to improve, or answer the question in a way that didn't make the asker feel silly."

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