Stand-Up Level 1: Finding Your Voice w/ Arti Gollapudi (Sept/Oct)


Stand-Up Level 1: Finding Your Voice w/ Arti Gollapudi (Sept/Oct)


Class limited to 12 students.

Have you always wanted to perform stand-up but don't know where to begin? In this class, we will breakdown how to get started writing a stand-up routine and find your voice as a comedian. Our methods will include how to mine personal stories for material, how to write one-liners and premises, and how to use improvisation to generate ideas instead of staring down a blank page. Classes will also give students the lay-of-the-land on the NY comedy scene - from welcoming weekly open mics to the best shows to see pros in action. Every class will include stage time to try out original material in front of classmates.

6-Week Class: Sundays @ 12:00-3:00 PM, Sept 15 - Oct 20

@ Patch Works Theatre (98 Moore St)

Class Show: Friday, Oct 25 @ 9:00 PM @ Patch Works Theatre

Teacher: Arti Gollapuddi

“Arti is great at taking student's ideas and helping them find different avenues of exploration for their material. She taught us how to think about our topics and material comedically, as opposed to just helping write jokes for us.”

“Arti's positive energy was so refreshing. She provided us a warm and accepting space to perform in each week. She gave us thoughtful feedback, celebrated our strengths, and encouraged us to be confident in our individual voices. Arti also gave us really well selected video assignments each week that featured comedians of varying backgrounds and styles! They really helped with writing.”

“Arti was great all round; if I had to choose though I'd say she was great at creating a supportive environment that students felt like they could fail and explore comfortably without harsh judgment from both teacher and peers.”

“As someone who has tried other stand-up classes in New York City, BCC’s Stand-up class is the best stand-up Class New York has to offer! In a world where a lot of stand-up comedians have shown up as problematic, this is a very progressive space where you learn to still be funny while also not being oppressive.”

“There's no better environment to learn the basics of stand-up. The class is supportive but also inspires you to do your best! “

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