Level 3: Ensemble and Group Mind w/ Philip Markle (April/May)

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Philip Markle Headshot.jpg
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Level 3: Ensemble and Group Mind w/ Philip Markle (April/May)


Class Sold Out. Email philip@brooklyncc.com for wait list.

This class builds on the skills in Level 2 to teach students to command the stage as a fearless artist - while also focusing on being a team-player in any ensemble. First, we challenge each student with exercises designed to wake up your individual creativity and ability to attack the stage confidently. We pair this self-empowerment with specific, personal notes to challenge your own artistic roadblocks and help you shape what you and only you can do onstage. Secondly, we focus on the performer as part of the scene by diving into the dynamics that make up surprising and believable two-person, three-person, and group scene work. Lastly, we focus on the performer as part of the ensemble: so you can take care of yourself onstage--great! Now, how can you be an ensemble player who listens and supports group mind to build long-form pieces organically. This class culminates in a performance for the public. 

Prerequisite: BCC Level 2 “Free Your Mind.”

6-Week Class: Tuesdays, 7:00-10:00 PM, April 16 - May 21

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY)

Class Show: Friday, May 17 @ 8:30 PM

Teacher: Philip Markle


“Philip brings the passion and energy to take you by the collar and shake the improv out of you. Players who are often timid were leaping on stage in a frenzy. All the while we hit the marks for a good understanding of improv.”

“Phillip is an amazing teacher. He's certain of himself and the material and was able to convey that certainty in his craft so well to the class. I was worried about taking this class, how I would respond to the challenges, but his knowledge and honesty (not sugar coating critiques) were crucial in helping me grow as a performer.”

“Philip did a great job of getting to know each of our improv styles personally. He is so fun and has such a joy about improv that it feels easy to enjoy myself in class. He is insanely intelligent and talented and I always felt like I was learning a new skill. I was never not having fun, I always looked forward to class!”

“Philip knows so much about improv and was able to impart a wide variety of different ways to think and perform in a clear and digestible way.”

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