Improv Level 2: Free Your Mind w/ Jared Jeffries (June/July)

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Improv Level 2: Free Your Mind w/ Jared Jeffries (June/July)


This class underlines the core philosophy of what we teach at the BCC: that loving the hell out of whatever is happening onstage is the key to strong, successful scenes. It will help remind you what you love about improv, slap you out of whatever fear is holding you back, and cut out the naysaying voices in your head that cloud your inspiration. We will look at how we sometimes censor or bail on our choices out of a need to make the “right choice" when improvising, and that there is no “right or wrong in improv - only weak or strong,” and become stronger as a performer by embracing your mistakes and failing gloriously. This class pairs this sense of artistic freedom with an actionable approach to initiate scenes from a strong point of view, to be specific and surprising in your choices, to make what your partner said important to your character, and to confidently navigate the vocabulary and concepts that make-up long-form improv. This class will move quickly, keep you on your feet, and challenge you with personal feedback.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 “Intro To Improv” or students who have taken at least one full-length course at a major comedy theater (UCB, PIT, Magnet, Second City, iO, Annoyance, etc.) or have similar prior training can begin at this level. Please write your prior experience in the form when registering if you are skipping Level 1 Improv.

6-Week Section: Sundays, 2:30-5:30 PM, June 2 - July 14 (no class July 7)

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY)

Class Show: Friday, July 19 @ 8:00 PM

Teacher: Jared Jeffries


“Jared is a smart, thoughtful teacher. He brings a wealth of improv (and other random) knowledge to the table, and makes sure each student gets personalized feedback. He's good at working with a wide range of people with various levels of improv experience. I also particularly appreciated his attention to making everyone feel safe in the space.“

“Jared made me feel comfortable to take risks in a way that was so natural and made it feel so easy. He was also so good at seeing what individuals were working on and giving us specific notes (especially at our last class but really all through the 6 weeks!). not only could he pick up what we needed it work on, but he also recognized everyone’s strengths and encouraged us to use them.”

“Jared's continued ability to provide thoughtful, individualized feedback to each student throughout class is definitely one of his strong suits as an instructor. He was able to give constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement upon our weaknesses, all the while complimenting our demonstrated strengths.”

“Jared does a really good job of making everyone feel welcome in the space and like they belong. I also think he was really good at giving specific feedback to people throughout the class.”

“Overall, I've had probably a dozen improv teachers, and Jared is one of the best.”

Jared is super passionate and excited about teaching and allowing his students to grow without being overbearing. He brought a great energy to class and made it immediately feel welcoming and supportive. He is really good at allowing improvisers to get crazy and explore realities while also helping guide them to what is funny and what will make the scene flow instead of hitting a wall. He was also great at making sure everyone understood concepts before moving on so no one got lost or left behind without dragging everyone else back.”

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