Level 2: Empowerment, Ensemble, and Performance (Philip Markle)

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Level 2: Empowerment, Ensemble, and Performance (Philip Markle)


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This class, for the experienced improviser, teaches you how to command the stage as a fearless artist, to support the ensemble, and be the type of performer who creates your own work. Every class covers these three core focuses:

First, we challenge you with exercises designed to wake up your individual creativity and ability to attack the stage confidently and with presence. We pair this self-empowerment with specific, personal notes to challenge your own artistic roadblocks. Then, we focus on the performer as part of the bigger ensemble. So you can take care of yourself onstage--great! Now, how can you be a team player who listens and supports every move to build the piece organically. To that end, we will study three specific improv forms (notably the Monoscene, Montage, and The Dream) over the course of the class. Lastly, we encourage each student to produce and perform professionally in the NY comedy scene. We want you to know how to play seamlessly with any team that invites you to improvise, to know how to create a five-minute solo piece when you are asked to join a show, and most importantly, to know how to produce your own work and your own content -- and start doing so now. Students will be tasked to create original characters and scenes and work them via improvisation in class. 

Prerequisite: Experienced improvisers may start at this level. One-year prior improv experience or completion of core training at a major improv school required. 

6-Week Section

Sundays, 2:30-5;30 PM, March 11 - April 15

Class show: Sat, April 14 @ 11 PM

@ The Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

Note: Class on April 15 will be held in another location TBD. 

Teacher: Philip Markle

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