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Level 1: Free Your Mind (Jared Jeffries) - Summer 2018

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Level 1: Free Your Mind (Jared Jeffries) - Summer 2018


Whether you are new to improv or have taken a couple classes, this class underlines the core philosophy of what we believe: that loving the hell out of whatever is happening onstage is the key to strong, successful scenes. You will learn that there is no right or wrong way to improvise - and that you become powerful as a performer by embracing your mistakes and failing gloriously. This class pairs this sense of artistic freedom with an approach to create from a strong point of view, to be specific and surprising in your choices, and to confidently navigate the vocabulary and concepts that make-up long-form improv.

6-Week Section

Saturdays, 2:30-5:30 PM, June 9 - July 14th

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY)

Class show: Sat, July 21 @ 11:00 PM

Teacher: Jared Jeffries

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