BCC Summer Improv Intensive

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BCC Summer Improv Intensive


Sold Out. Email philip@brooklyncc.com for wait list.

This four-day intensive, taught by all BCC Faculty, covers our Level 1 & 2 curriculum, in addition to special workshops taught each afternoon from guest instructors to highlight additional topics.

We start with our core belief that loving the hell out of whatever is happening onstage is the key to strong, successful scenes. You will learn that there is no right or wrong way to improvise - and that you become powerful as a performer by embracing your mistakes and failing gloriously. This class pairs this sense of artistic freedom with a focus on creating from a strong point of view, to be specific and surprising in your choices, and to confidently navigate the vocabulary and concepts that make-up long-form scenic improv. Then, we focus on the performer as part of the scene by diving into the dynamics that make up surprising and believable two-person, three-person, and group scene work. Lastly, we focus on the performer as part of the ensemble: so you can take care of yourself onstage--great! Now, how can you be a team player who listens and supports every move to build long-form pieces organically. The class culminates in specific, personal notes to challenge your own artistic roadblocks and a final performance for the public.

June 25-28, 10 AM - 5 PM (inc. 1 hour lunch break each day).

NOTE: Class will run till 6 PM on first day (June 25) .

@ Vital Joint (109 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY)

Class Show: Thurs, June 28 @ 9:30-10:45 PM at The Brick.

Teachers: Philip Markle, Annie Donley, Rachel Rosenthal, Jared Jeffries + Special Guest Instructors teaching:

  • Mel Mack (Casting Director) - Improvisation for commercials

  • Will Luera (Director of Improv @ Florida Improv Theater) - Free Flow Improv

  • Milly Tameraz (NY Comedian) - Applying Improv to Stand-Up

Need a payment plan? Email philip@brooklyncc.com to set it up,

Note: This class counts as completion of both Level 1 + 2 of BCC curriculum (allows you to sign up for next Level 3 class).

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